About Our Studio.

About The Bar Method:

The Bar Method is an hour long, total body barre workout. A pioneer of barre-based fitness workouts, The Bar Method was developed under the guidance of physical therapists to reshape muscles, burn body fat and improve posture. It was designed to be safe and extremely effective. Our instructors receive extensive training and adjust clients to ensure that they are getting the most out of each class. Clients receive personalized attention making classes appropriate for all ages and fitness levels. Our method of combining strengthening exercises and stretching in an interval format creates a lean, firm, sculpted body. It is a safe, fun, hour-long workout that uses isometric exercises to strengthen and tone all major muscle groups, followed by periods of stretching to elongate, lengthen and align the body. Students see immediate and noticeable results, regardless of fitness levels or experience.

  • The Bar Method adheres to the principles of exercise physiology and was designed under the guidance of physical therapists. It is thereby safe for the joints and highly efficient at changing the body.
  • Blog on barre fitness 4 editIts workout is mindful. Students experience a heightened mental focus during the class, which helps them to precisely target muscles and gives them increased self-confidence and well-being.
  • Its technique places a special emphasis on posture and good alignment.
  • Its students are multi-generational. The class gives both 20-year-olds and 70-year olds a challenging, result-oriented workout.
  • Its teachers receive among the best training and ongoing guidance in the fitness industry.
  • Its teaching is consistent across all of its studios.
  • Blog on barre fitness 3 editIts studios are beautiful and comfortable environments.
  • Its desk and teaching staff are welcoming and supportive.
  • Its student communities are closely bonded and passionate about The Bar Method workout.
  • Its studio owners are all teachers themselves and serve as mentors and guides for their own teachers, a system that sustains an overall high quality of teaching throughout The Bar Method.
  • Its brand continues to introduce new and innovative Bar Method workouts.

The environment at our barre studio is warm, welcoming and encourages goal attainment and healthy living.  We look forward to seeing you in class soon!

About The Bar Method, Denver-Cherry Creek:

Laura Henderson, teacher and owner of The Bar Method Denver-Cherry Creek, has been practicing barre for over 5 years. She uses barre classes to compliment all the things she loves to do outside. Laura loves to run marathons, race road bikes, and compete in triathlons. She finds The Bar Method teaches her to focus, work her muscles to exhaustion, and stretch to create long muscles that are ready for everything Colorado can throw at them.

Laura grew up in Tallahassee, FL and then attended college in Memphis, TN. She has her B.S. in Biology from Rhodes College and her M.S. in Epidemiology from University of Tennessee. She worked for many years running clinical trials for Medical Device companies. She moved to Colorado in 2010, met the love of her life on Match.com, and now is a wife and mother to two kids. In July of 2015, Laura purchased The Bar Method Denver – Cherry Creek, from the existing owner with hopes of building a community of strong, supportive people that encourage each other to live a healthy, happy life. The studio was renovated, child care was added to support the mothers of our community, and more social events were brought to the studio community to build support and friendships among our members. The Bar Method is more than just an exercise class, it is a community.

Located in Denver, on the edge of the beautiful, Cherry Creek neighborhood, the studio offers classes seven days a week and has on-site childcare for specific class times.  For your convenience, the studio also has a locker room, with showers, towels and basic toiletries.

Come see what the barre community is all about!